Exchange procedure

If the purchased product is inappropriate size, inappropriate color, etc. and needs to be exchanged, our store provides a free exchange service.

The same order needs to be exchanged twice or more, and the freight for exchange is required to be paid. The freight for Nairobi is KES200, and the freight for areas outside Nairobi is KES300.

Exchange process

The customer informs the customer service of the replacement demand → the replacement order is processed uniformly the next day → the courier sends the new product to replace the old product



7-Day No Reasons Money Back Guarantee

Undamaged products can be returned for any reason within 7 days of receipt for a refund.

Please ensure that the returned item is in resaleable condition and the original packaging is intact.

There is no damage or stain on the product.
The returned item was unused.
All labels are attached to returned items.
All parts and accessories in the package are present.

Return Procedure

1. If there is a return request, please contact customer service to explain the situation.

2. After the customer service staff agrees to the return request, please properly package and seal the returned item and wait for the courier to pick it up.

3. After the parcel is picked up by courier, the payment will be returned to your original payment account. The refund time is divided into two situations:

(1) For customers with high credit value, we will issue a refund the next day after the courier collects the goods.

(2) For customers with low credit value, we will issue a refund the next day after the goods are transported to the warehouse (transportation time is about 2-3 days).


For customers with low credit value, after the goods arrive at the warehouse, it is found that the returned package is not in a resale state, we will not refund, or make a partial refund as the case may be.

Customers with high credit value will automatically be converted to customers with low credit value if they find that the returned package is not in the resale state after it arrives at the warehouse.


Credit value

1.Those who have successfully purchased products in this store twice will be automatically classified as high credit value customers.

2.Customers who have not purchased products are defaulted to customers with low credit value.


Refund processing fee


When refunding, the platform will charge a transfer fee of KES100, which is borne by the customer---customers with high credit value can be exempted from the refund fee

When returning the goods, the customer needs to bear the return shipping cost, which is KES200 for Nairobi and KES300 for shipping outside Nairobi.



Reasons for unacceptable returns

Returns are not accepted in the following cases:

This product is not eligible for the "7 Day Return Policy" and unfortunately we cannot offer you a refund or exchange if it is 7 days after your purchase.
Improper use of the product, including but not limited to contact with wet objects, chemicals, gasoline, paints, detergents, solvents or cooking oils, or overheating
Product damage caused by improper use
Product packaging fades from display
Products with an unclean appearance

The Weabing Online Store reserves all rights to the final conclusion of any disputes or disagreements.