Our Story

Weabing is the first e-commerce site dedicated to novelty products from around the world. Continue to grow across verticals by scouring social media for hot-selling products and building strategic partnerships with its brands.


Weabing first launched in 2017 and first started selling premium corsets in the Middle East. As demand for such products continues to grow, so does the supply of Weabing's product line, which includes multiple types and brands of corsets and underwear, cosmetics, daily necessities and leather goods.


By early 2022, we have opened a regional office in Kenya and launched our own mobile app to better serve our loyal customers.


Solve your troubles!

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular, and trust issues are becoming more apparent. The advertisements on social media are too attractive, but I heard that many customers paid but got inferior products. They wanted to refund and no one responded... But shopping at weabing, you don't need to worry about the above problems!

Here you will find the same product that was advertised on social media to satisfy your curiosity and needs. If you receive the goods and feel that they do not meet your expectations, you can also apply for a refund immediately.

The website will continue to collect more hot-selling products and advertising videos. Only Weabing can also achieve the pleasure of watching short video shopping on social media.